I am a film composer and multi-instrumentalist with a love for creating quality music that enhances the emotion and story of a project.


Fletcher is fantastic with kids, mine have been loving their lessons and learning quickly. The set up is very comfortable and welcoming, while still taking plenty of safety measures. We’ve been taking lessons for about three months and It’s been a great experience so far. I would highly recommend Fletcher if you’re looking for professional, quality lessons for your child.

Christine Caycho

Fletcher is one of the finest teachers & musicians that I know! I highly recommend him! He has extensive knowledge of the piano and composition, along with many other instruments! Whether you are a young or old, novice or experienced, Fletcher has the skill and knowledge-base to sharpen your musical abilities at any level! I have learned so much from him! Look no further for a piano teacher! Fletcher is the best of the best! He also does lessons via zoom for those who aren’t local to the Orlando area!

Ryan Garofalo

Mr Fletcher is an amazing music instructor. My daughter has taken summer piano lessons from him and the progress has been amazing. He is caring and patient. I would highly recommend him for beginner to advanced!!

Lisa Pereira

A very talented pianist, and a patient teacher. Highly recommended!

Levi Whitten-Connolly

Fletcher is IT! I am a composer who writes with a pencil, and I need a person who is musically knowledgeable and great with technology who can make my music look great and be quickly usable by conductors and performers. Fletcher recently worked with me on a large commissioned work with a quick turnaround time. Fantastic! Working with Fletcher is a pleasure.

Lois Henry

Fletcher is an accomplished musician and wonderful teacher. He imparts good techniques and at the same time instills an appreciation of music theory. He is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in his communication style. I would highly recommend him for students of all ages.

Robin Koeppe

Amazing pianist who is so wonderful with lessons and events. Highly recommend!

Kim MacDougall

Fletcher is an incredible musician. He is easy to work with and handles everything that you give him. We needed him for our wedding in short notice and he came through. His talent and God-given abilities are outstanding. I would definitely use him again for ANY event that requires a pianist.

Anthony Sowri

Fletcher played background piano music for our wedding reception. It was beautiful and created the mood we were looking for. He's really easy to work with.

Lina Bee

Fletcher Wilson is a talented composer. I am a film director and had the pleasure of working with him on one of my short films, his score brought the film to another level. He understood the vision and brought his own creative talents to the table. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a composer.

Severin Hunt, Amoveo Productions

Fletcher brings a fresh creativity to his composing and performance. His work carries a musicality and tone that is both comforting and challenging at the same time. He composed the theme music for my podcast, Nuance, and wrote and performed for our Arts Fellowship Orlando; what a talent! I look forward to the many years of moving music to come from his pen, fingers, and ultimately heart.

Dr. Case Thorp

Fletcher is an excellent, talented teacher! My children have improved so much and enjoy piano lessons with him in his studio as well as on Zoom. He has a wonderful way with kids- he knows just the right way to challenge them to excel. He's patient, kind, and has a good sense of humor! I would not choose another teacher if you are in the Orlando area. He's simply the best!

Stacy Tokash

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